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Breaking Baptist - The 2017 Season

27 October 2017
Announcing - TRIPLE BARREL BIG BAD BAPTIST “Excess equals success. Excess equals success. Excess equals success It’s time to triple down!” This was the mantra…

Common Interests - A Sour Collaboration

16 October 2017
Working at Epic Brewing you get used to pulling off crazy ideas and pushing the envelope but when two tons of honeydew melons were being…

Epic Brewing Launches Distribution Across Illinois

31 August 2017
Epic Brewing is pleased announce its new partnership with Breakthru Beverage Illinois. Breakthru Beverage is the oldest and most established distributor in Illinois. They reach…

Praise the Haze

07 August 2017
Epic Launches a Series of New England-Style IPAs It’s true! We have a new series of New England-style IPAs coming your way in August. These…