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Sour Brainless on Peaches: A Tincture of Time

05 June 2015
A beer story from Epic Brewing Company Co-Founder David Cole. This time we did it on purpose. It's delicate yet firmly poised, it's been chiseled…

American Craft Beer Week is here!

08 May 2015
Celebrated since 2006, ACBW provides craft beer fans across the U.S. the chance to support their local breweries. Tens of thousands of beer beginners, beer…

2014 Year in Review

24 February 2015
Salt Lake City, UT - Epic Brewing Company, now approaching its fifth year in operation, has continued to grow rapidly by increasing craft beer sales…

Wild Brainless on Peaches: A Beautiful Disaster

08 July 2014
a letter from Epic Brewing Company Co-Founder David Cole A disaster struck late last year at Epic Brewing Company. A batch of one of our…