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Epic Brewing Company - News and Events

The First Brew in Denver

27 June 2013
On Wednesday the 19th we test brewed our first batch of beer in the new, Epic Brewing, Denver location. The custom made 20 barrel JV…

Epic Award Winners 2013

06 June 2013
It’s been a busy year for Epic Brewing and we are glad to announce new international recognition of our beers. Come by the brewery and…

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week with Epic Brewing

08 May 2013
Celebrate craft beers during craft beer week - May 13 - 18th, with a number of special events with Epic Brewing.

SAVOR an American craft beer & food experience

08 May 2013
Looking for a craft beer getaway? Join us at SAVOR the premier beer and food pairing event in the U.S. 2013 Dates and Locations SAVOR…